If anyone asks, I was with you the whole time...

New Kindle!

Okay while it DOES annoy me that popular electronics devices are slowly removing the wall plugs from their standard purchase, the CABLE the new kindle comes with is a nice high quality. Better than the original, which wasn’t half bad. But this sucker longer than the usual 3 feet and it doesn’t look thin enough to snap if I get really annoyed at it. So in some ways, that’s okay that I don’t get the wall plug. Especially since between ipods, ipads and iphones I have 3 tiny square plugs and two large ones. (I HAVE bought spares and such as well.) Also, unlike the ipad, the kindle’s charge load is small enough to charge of a USB on a PC.

I am being subtly told that it’s nap time. Peekaboo kitty has firm ideas about naps.

I am being subtly told that it’s nap time. Peekaboo kitty has firm ideas about naps.

This is just your casual reminder that if a major movie franchise chooses to name an arc of their super hero storyline after a  major arc from the comics it’s based on, that might actually be where the similarities ends. I mean, this franchise might have already borrowed a few major storylines and at least half of them have been changed COMPLETELY. The same ingredients can make pancakes, waffles and muffins. Also sometimes cookies.

So. Just Breath.

*waits for the variety article to drop* Yeah.

me: walks into living room
tv: tonight on how its made
me: stands in same spot for 30 minutes watching how garbage bags are made
<p> Do not under estimate how hypnotic and interesting this show is. I lost four days to it when I first discovered it. </p>

I should just put a reminder into my calendar that repeats every seven or so days. It would say:

"Do you hate absolutely everything today? Maybe it’s PMS, do the math."

You guys might be able to have it repeat less, but my cycle can often be influenced by someone with similar hormones just LOOKING at me too hard.

Personal Responsibility

Here’s the thing, I totally get the personal responsibility argument in a lot of places. I may not always agree with where the line is drawn, but I get it.

My problem comes in when we apply it unevenly. In this case I’m talking about abortion.

99% of the time, if someone’s argument about a woman’s right to choose comes down to personal responsibility about sex, they are in fact, only thinking about WOMEN choosing not to have sex. “Keep your legs closed” or some variation thereof is often used in conjunction with the argument.

Well. Here’s the thing, if we were truly attempting to teach responsibility about sex, we’d be talking to men too. And let me tell you, there aren’t a whole lot of snappy slogans for men who engage in sex with a female partner telling them to keep their zipper shut if they don’t want children. Hell, there’s barely any snazzy slogans for them about STDs. Either NO ONE has sex, or EVERYONE has sex. Okay?

BEYOND THAT, this advice ignores two very important things.

1. You can be just about as responsible as fuck and still end up pregnant. You can be on birth control, use condoms and fuck on sheets made of spermicide and STILL GET PREGNANT. Absolutely no form of birth control will tell you they are 100% effective. It’s why people who don’t want children are advised to use multiple forms of birth control. (This btw, doesn’t even go into rape and forced pregnancy.)

2. Not all women seeking abortions are ‘unmarried whores’, as the opposition likes to paint them. What do you say to the married couple who simply can’t afford another child, or perhaps simply doesn’t want another child for reasons that are, frankly, none of my or anyone else’s business. Are you really going to tell me that two people in a monogamous committed relationship, who probably use at least one form of birth control, are being irresponsible by daring to have intimate relations with their partners?

Are you honestly going to campaign that married couples should avoid PiV intercourse if they don’t want ‘consequences’ of sex? (I’d rather love to see the male Anti-Choicers flinch when they realize they’re advocating for less of their preferred form of sex.)

So if you want to advocate personal responsibility, don’t use it as a thinly veiled way to punish women and ONLY WOMEN for having sex. Orgasms feel good and are good for you (ask a doctor, I have time), and yet we’re basically criminalizing them, worse, we’re only criminalizing them for 50% of the population.




*slams fist on table* CLINT BARTON

*gets up in your face* KATE BISHOP 

*throws you out of the window* HAWKEYES


Sometimes, being a writer is like living inside the multiverse. Every decision has a story. This feels a lot like anxiety. To tell the difference, I just assume the super cool one will never happen to me.

Look at this adorable asshole sitting between me and the laptop.

Look at this adorable asshole sitting between me and the laptop.

"Children’s shows shouldn’t include any sexuality at all."

On the surface that sounds like a logical statement. Because keep the sex out of sesame street right?

Well, here’s the thing that people forget about nonheteronormative couples. It’s not all about being nekked in the bedroom.

 You bet your ASS there is sexuality in children’s shows. There are PARENTS. ALL THE PARENTS EVER. There are family units. The people who object to sexuality being in children’s shows never ever mean the Man and Woman example.

The problem with this philosophy is that what it really means is “KEEP THE DIFFERENT THINGS THAT SCARE ME BECAUSE MY KIDS MIGHT ASK QUESTIONS out of the kids shows”. No one wants the lovely new gay couple who moves onto the street to talk to their muppet neighbors about condoms (SHUT UP AVENUE Q! WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT YOU). They want to talk about the exact same things the husband and wife talk about.

And that, apparently, is dangerous.

yearoftheomnishambles replied to your post: “You know, death threats only convince me that you’re fairly sure your…”:

Yikes, hope you’re okay :/

Nono. That was a reference to current tactics in the misogyny wheel barrel.

You know, death threats only convince me that you’re fairly sure your counter argument is crap.

Plot Bunny For Sale

Clint installs the clapper in his bedroom b/c the switch is so far away and lamps are annoying. Or maybe his apartment is older and there are limited sockets and none of them are within easy reach of his bed. When he goes to buy an extension cord, he sees the clapper and thinks it’s a brilliant idea.

Months later, he’s having sex in his bedroom (HI PHIL, HOW ARE YOU?) They’re eventually fucking so hard their skin slaps. 

…I’ll let you figure out the rest

Clint: *Doubles over in laughter*

Phil: *automatically transitions into a double tap motion, because the damn song is now stuck in his head*

Clint: *starts to beatbox*

Here’s the thing about “Your Birth Certificate Pronoun Assholes” that I can’t stand.

Both of my parents not only go by names that are not on their birth-certificates, but my dad uses an uncommon nickname version of his first name and my mom uses a nickname version of her middle name. MANY CASUAL ACQUAINTANCES use these names without knowing either of my parents ‘official names’. Many close friends don’t know my dad’s full first name anyway. He hates using it. It’s just Not Him.

And if someone were to insist on calling them by a different name than what they introduced themselves as, that’d be something of a dick move right? (Yes there are friendly nicknames, I’m getting there.) And if the person uses the form of their name that they don’t prefer and are corrected with a “Please call me X” it’s not considered weird or rude on the part of the person whose name it is, right? And then if the ‘friend’ ignores the request and continues to SPECIFICALLY USE the name they were asked not to, we’d all agree that person was being an asshole, right?

So… Why doesn’t this apply to preferred gender pronouns?

Oh I know, it’s because it makes you uncomfortable. And your discomfort is more important than anyone else’s.  Right? Because your vague unease trumps ignoring and erasing another person’s identity right?

Yeah. I thought so. Just admit your resistance is fucking irrational and I promise I’ll hate you 20% less.

MCU Civil War Addendum

I realized I forgot to say in my last post, that I suspect, as with all the other coopted storylines, that IF it does appear on screen it’ll be signifigantly different than the comics (Extremis anyone?). See my thoughts on two major players facing off. I also suspect they’re gonna kill off someone big at some point in the next 10 movies, etc. I also suspect there’s a lot of balls in the air and a chunk of stuff isn’t final.